I’m a Barbie Girl!

Well its more like I’m a “Asian ball-jointed girl”! Recently my best friend introduced me to these gorgeous dolls and I have fallen in love. Now I am not a doll expert nor do I own any of these dolls, but for some strange reason I have been really drawn to them. Asian ball-jointed dolls are a modern style of dolls that look like plastic inspired manga characters.

They are freakishly realistic and totally breath-taking, and these dolls have quickly been growing into the hottest hobby around the world. I think I’m sort of succumbing to the dolfie-craze myself. I was thinking to myself why I like these dolls, why so many girls like these dolls, and I think I have a reason. Our society is a sight-driven culture. We like things pleasing to the eyes, hence why our celebrities and food and auto commercials have to look “perfect”. We have set a bar for desirable looks that are just almost impossible to reach. So how do we as a society cope with this? We establish clothing brands and make-up lines to become the “it girl”, and for the younger generations there are toys and tv show characters they want to emulate. I believe dolls are another form of trying to capture the ideal image that society has created. The Asian ball-jointed dolls are beautiful, fashionable, heck sometimes I get jealous of the style of the dolls, but in reality no one looks like them. I’m not downing the hobby what so ever. I think it is a great, fun activity for anybody to get involved in. I just thought since BJD’s was on my brain I would compare them to the growing barbie-syndrome that our society is suffering from. What do you think?


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